March 6 - 22, 2023
Nittardi at DIE GALERIE - 40 years of wine and art
DIE GALERIE, Frankfurt am Main

Enjoyment is paramount in our house - for the food gourmet with the products of the renowned Nittardi winery and for the visual connoisseur in DIE GALERIE. Both meet each other again and again in a beautiful symbiosis, for every year Nittardi invites distinguished artists such as Yoko Ono, Karl Otto Götz, Günter Grass, Friedensreich Hundertwasser and Dario Fo to create the label and wrapping paper for a limited edition of the Chianti Classico Casanuova di Nittardi La Doghessa. Many gallery artists have left their mark on the winery through this.

For the 40th anniversary of these artists' editions, a wonderful project was initiated: an international competition in which hundreds of artists from all over the world took part. A jury selected six very different proposals that now adorn the bottles of the 2020 vintage. An honorary prize was awarded for the magnum format.

This anniversary deserves a special tribute: in a magnificent exhibition - Nittardi at DIE GALERIE - the original artworks from all 40 vintages of Casanuova di Nittardi will be presented, alongside the winning artworks created for the contest. Visit us in DIE GALERIE and experience a bit of Italy in Frankfurt!

Highlight of the month

Marino Marini
132 x 65 x 51 cm

The subject of Miracolo sculptures is almost Marino Marini's horseman at his most dramatic and abstract. The first Miracolo was created around 1951 - when, during and even more after the war, the horror, and disillusionment in Marini's art became palpable. A dramatic change occurs in the nature of Marini's equine sculptures: the earlier composure shifts into an expressionistic approach, reflecting the artist's sense of apprehension for the fate of all humankind.

While the first works of this series still show the animals with their forepart of the body collapsing to the ground, and the rider tearing out diagonally backward as they fall, later Miracoli are set up vertically. The horsemen are violently thrown off of rearing horses that they can no longer control. Increasingly, the figurative becomes submerged in destructive abstraction in an extreme tension between the vertically erect body of the horse and the human body plunging backward.


The bronze from 1953/54 shown here depicts precisely this kind of vertical representation of horse and horseman, with the upper part of the sculpture and the soaring movement evoking many of Marini's horse depictions. The predominant part of the composition is the horse's head moving diagonally upwards. About to fall, just clinging to the horse's back with his legs, the rider can be observed, also in the diagonal, his own back against that of the rearing horse, whose hind legs stick up to the sky while it has fallen on its rear end in the fall. This outstanding sculpture of the Italian artist awaits you until February 25, 2023, in our exhibition Marino Marini!